5 Different Ways To Save Money on Your Holidays

As we all know that almost everyone loves outing. No matter if its about going abroad in
search of some sunshine or booking a comfortable and relaxing break or about exploring
a new corner of the world. We are always good to go because it’s a great way to take
break for a week or two from your everyday routine.
But we all know that holidays can be a bit much pricey affair sometimes, especially
when we are heading forward with a family.
So to solve your problem and to make your holiday booking a bit much easier and less
expensive we came up with some of the best ways of saving money on holidays and we
are pretty much sure that by the help of these ways you guys can make your vacations
booking easily and less costly.

Dump Your Credit Card
To save money for your holidays having an airline credit card can be a great idea. You
will earn air miles by spending regularly. Which can also get you a heavy discounts on
flights, cheap upgrades or a freebie or two sometimes. But when it is about to actually
booking your holiday keep that credit card hidden somewhere in your purse. The reason
behind that is some companies might charge your up to an eye watering 2% of your
holiday booking amount just because you are booking with a credit card, which can
really add up if you are off on a long distance journey with a family of four.

Timing is Everything
Timing really matters when you are booking your holiday. For instance did you know
that Tuesday is the cheapest day to book your holiday? Insider experts say that Tuesday
is the day on which airlines operators release their last minute deals, which can mean a
great opportunity to save for yourself and your family.
Tuesday’s aren’t just cheapest days of a week to book holidays but they are also the
cheapest days to fly on, where you can. Instead of booking flights which leaves on Friday
and Saturday try booking the flights which leaves on Tuesday because the flight which
leaves on Friday and Saturday are expensive as compared to the flights which leaves on

Also make sure you fly in afternoon instead of flying in evenings and this way surely
you’ll save some more money.
You can book as much early as possible in advance if you know exactly where and when
you want to go. This can also save your money because rates are a bit less if you book
your flights in advance.
That’s not it,
If you book your flights in advance then you also might be able to take the advantage of
unique offers like free child places, means your kid can go with you wherever you go
without you paying any extra cost but these deals runs out very fast so you probably
need to grab them as soon as they’re launched.
If you’re a bit more relaxed about when and when to go so check out the last minute
deals on airline websites they are at incredibly low prices-the holidays will be cheaper as
the departure date is near because airlines are trying to get rid of extra seats.

Well this might be a bit more interesting to you because if you spend more on your
holiday through TopCashBack then they will reward you the same amount back to
spend on whatever you want to. Its such an easy way to save money on
accommodation, holidays, transport and extras you would already be buying at big-
name companies such as Hotels.com or lastminuute.com by this way you will have some
extra money in your pocket and having extra money in your pocket means less stress
about refusing kids for having another ice-cream.
So spending through TopCashBack is a great idea to save for your holidays.

Utilize your points

Already have bunch of supermarket reward cards? Don’t let them just sit in your drawer
or any pocket of purse collecting dust. Turn all of your points which you’ve been
collecting since ages on your Tesco ClubCard or Nectar card into free money for your
holiday trips. You can redeem your points against flight purchases, hotel bookings. In
fact you can also use your points for paying for extras, such as annoyingly expensive
airport parking.

Also you can earn points on holiday purchases you make too, Later which you can use to
pay for food or shopping once you are back home.
Do Your Research Properly

When its about researching, a little much hard work can really pay you off. There are
lots of different ways and tips you can check to cut $100 off from your holiday price.
First of all take a look your holiday would be cheaper with the flights, meals and hotels
paid for separately or whether looking for an all-in-one package would be more cost
efficient. Keep in mind how much you think you’ll eat and drink and how much the
distance from airport to hotel would be, which are included in an all-in-one holiday
As these are mostly the things that can make your holiday price soar when booking it all
After that one of the most important steps is to make sure if there are any public
holidays in the destination you are going at the time you are willing to visit. Unless you
are specifically going to visit the public holiday or event we suggest you to avoid going at
that time because it will be quite more expensive to travel in those days and it will also
pretty much busy and crowded.
And surely you will save a lot of money if you don’t mind catching indirect flights or
using different airlines. It’s a little bit more complicated and much more time consuming
to research, so we simply use websites like Skyscanner and Skiplagged to do the hard
work for you. Just enter your perfect destinations and dates and it will show you all of
the cheapest flight options.

That’s it these are some of our best tips for you on how to save money on holidays!

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