6 Best Data Entry Jobs To Work From Your Comfort Zone

We all know that work from home is a dream for many people, but it is really hard to find an
actual legitimate data entry job. The truth is that a lot of people become infected with work at
home scams, so keep in mind to check out each job carefully. One thing you should keep in
mind is that you should never pay in advance for software or the other tools considered
necessary by the company that if offering to give you work.
Legal data entry jobs and work from home jobs actually does exist. To find the openings that
will meet your skill level and needs we have put together this list of those places and companies
that will help you in it.

Legal Data Entry Jobs Which You Can Do Right From Your Comfort

To get you on the right track of your job search we have made some extra effort and combed
through all of the data entry jobs all over the job to bring the best and legal options for you. On
this list below there are some tasks which are partially office – based data entry while others
are remote.
Other than data entry there are some companies on the list which also offers some other
options such as call center representative(CSR) positions or transcription.

In case if you get hired by the company for the data entry position which is on the list then,
most of them will offer you an independent contractor work without benefits, but if benefits
means a lot to you then possibly you will want to look forward for a full – time data entry jobs
that offers the relaxation to work home or for some part of the time. Being an independent
contractor it is in your hands to decide how much work to take on.
Here is the list of those 6 best data entry jobs which you can do right from your comfort zone.
Although at this moment of time not all the companies which are mentioned on the list are
hiring and have job openings to offer, but you can still bookmark those companies which you
like and then you can check their websites regularly to see if they have job opening to offer
which meet your needs and skill level. By this way you can apply whenever a position opens up.
Let’s get started.

1. Birch Creek Communications

Birch Creek Communications is an organization which offers numerous work – from – home job
options, which also conclude data entry. You would be an independent contractor after you are
hired by Birch Creek Communications and other than data entry jobs also contains transcription
and market research.
At this moment of time they don’t have any job openings for data entry positions to offer but
checking their website regularly is worth it.
If you got some interest and skills in transcription jobs, then luck is on your side because for
corporate clients they need high – quality transcriptionists to work on audio files.
Your earnings depends on the job, atavism time & quality of your work. Birch Creek
Communications pays between $0.40 – $1.75 per audio minute for corporate and financial
transcription. Those transcriptionists who has 99% consistent accuracy get paid at the highest
Being an independent contractor, it is in your hands to accept job whenever you are available,
and you have the relaxation to decide how much or how less work you want to do.
Birch Creek Communications has announced on their website that most of the time work
comes during the day on weekdays, so ensure that you are available on that time. For the
transcription of corporate audio files you’ll have a 24 – hours turnaround time.

2. DataPlus

DataPlus is different from the other companies which are mentioned on this list, because
DataPlus is an organization which only specializes in data entry and database development
services. The business support services which are offered by DataPlus comprise database
programming, data entry and business process outsourcing.
For data entry positions DataPlus hires independent contractors. Entering information from any
sort of format like handwritten originals, online sources, typed copy or scanned images can be
included in work.

3. Xerox

You might have heard about Xerox or maybe you’re familiar with Xerox through their office
technology. They’re acknowledged with the benefits of working from home both – both for the
company and the worker. According to their website Xerox has more than 8000 home – based
Remote jobs consists of customer care, data entry & verification, tech support, image tagging &
quality control, moreover other job includes software programming & administrative, systems
development and business support.
You can check Xerox career page on regular basis for new openings, only if you are interested in
working with Xerox.

4. Clickworker

Clickworker is a well – known worldwide corporation that hires independent contractors to
complete different tasks such as data entry, research, writing, translating and many more. As
their work is done in small jobs they pay on a basis of per piece.
After you get registered yourself as a clickworker, you will use their platform to find and
complete tasks. The best thing that you will decide yourself that how much you want to take
on. The only thing you need to work as a clickworker is a personal computer with an active
internet connection.
You will have the ability to choose from the pool of projects after you get yourself registered
with the clickworker platform. The thing is that not all tasks are available for all of the
The tasks you will b eligible to complete will based on your qualification assessments,
education, previous work assessments, interests and language abilities.
The tasks which you will do through clickworker platform are small, and that’s the reason
company refers to them as microjobs. You can earn over $10 per hour, depending on your skills
and speed. According to the company an average clickworker makes up to $9 or over, per hour.

5. Capital Typing

Capital Typing is a firm that provides a vast range of services from data entry to transcriptions,
book keeping, translation, market research, office administration and a lot more. Majority of
their positions are remote and they hire work – at – home freelancers.
Being a contractor, you can anticipate to get paid on the basis of per – audio – minute or a per –
piece depending on the position. There is no specific hourly rate, in other words which means
you are not guaranteed to make minimum remuneration.
Data extraction, direct mail & marketing, research and database development & management
all of them are included in data entry position. You can take a look on company’s available job
page to see current posts and if company have some job openings to offer.

6. Microworkers

Microworkers is an additional platform that offers microjobs to freelancers from all around the
world. To be honest those tasks are simple & quick and you can finish them in just couple of
In accordance with company’s website task includes data tagging, data mining, data
categorization, data matching and data labelling. Moreover there is sentiment analysis,
transcription and event sequencing and many more.
You don’t have to pay any sort of fee for joining Microworkers platform and also you can
complete tasks as soon as you are approved. You will need to finish each task you’ll get to get
paid. It is all up to you to decide how much or how less you want to work right from the zone of
your comfort.
Being a worker you’ll need to maintain your success rate to build the confidence in the
employers that they will surely get the quality results from the campaigns they are running.
Those tasks which would be performed poorly will bring your success rate down.
You will be only capable of viewing those permitted campaigns which are based on your current
location and time zone because the jobs which are currently available depends on the time
zone where the employers run their campaigns.

So guys this was the list of those 6 best data entry jobs which you can do right from your
comfort zone. At the I will only say that we would love to hear from you guys so simply drop a
comment below and share your experiences with us and let us know that which one of the
above mentioned ones you have tried and how it helped you out.

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