7 Best Survey Sites That Are Secure For Kids

We all know that there are thousands of survey sites out there which allows kids to make
money who are under 18 but question is that are they safe? It is quite comprehensible that kids
nowadays wants to start earning money so they can buy their own things and there’s no doubt
in it that survey sites can actually make it possible.
Being a teenager you might want to know that the survey sites you are using would have your
parent’s approval and being a parent you should know that the survey site which your child is
using is safe & secure for them, and maybe you should also know that the content on the site is
suitable for the younger users.
We have mentioned best survey sites in this article which are geared towards kids and are
committed to have kid – friendly content on their site.
The least user age is different on each site according to their requirements so you don’t need to
worry about that because we will share this information in this article too. Also you should
know that these below mentioned sites requires parental consent for any user who is less than
18 years old. So take a look on these below mentioned sites to see if they can help your child to
earn some spending cash.

Let’s get started!

1. Swagbucks

You can also become a member of Swagbucks as soon as you’ll turn into 13.
Till now Swagbucks have paid out more that £331 million to its valued members. You can join
Swagbucks totally for free and in fact you will earn a £10 bonus for signing up to Swagbucks.
After completing each survey you will earn points as a reward. The points you’ll earn for
completing different surveys can be redeemed to get Amazon, Swagbucks or Walmart gift

2. Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy is another online site which will pay you for completing surveys and also for
referring those members who will complete surveys. To join Survey Savvy you need to be at
least 13 years old. You can become a member of Survey Savvy for free and after becoming their
member your information will be put into the database of Survey Savvy.
You’ll receive an email with instructions when you will fit the criteria for a survey. Most of the
time the questions asked by kid – geared surveys are about toys, video games, snacks etc. you
will get paid for each survey you will take, and you will receive your payment via check at your
The best thing about Survey Savvy is that they will pay you £5 each month just for installing
their software on a device which as an active internet connection.

3. Kidz Eyes

Kidz Eyes is an online research platform which is specifically geared towards those kids who are
6 – 12 years old. While using Kidz Eyes you’ll need to share your opinion on a variety of
subjects. We have mentioned some of those subjects below:

  • Food
  • Toys
  • Clothing
  • Music
  • Technology
  • Games
  • TV shows

And many more. For completing each survey you will earn rewards in return. After
earning at least 1000 points you’ll be able to request your payment in the form of check.
Note that parents should be present for almost every survey and they should act like a

4. VIP Voice

VIP Voice is another survey taking site which allows you to complete different surveys in order
to get paid. To become a member of VIP Voice community you need to be at least 13 years old.
Although their working strategy is a bit different because in that the points you will earn for
completing surveys can be only redeemed to get entry into sweepstakes. VIP Voice can offer
you sweepstakes entries for a range of prizes on any given day.
By Sweepstakes you can get paid in the form of vacations, electronic items, cash prizes and
many other prizes.
Other than that VIP Voice also has an auction where you can enter to bid different items too.

5. Paid Viewpoint

If you are 13 years old or above than that then you can join Paid Viewpoint. With Paid
Viewpoint you can get paid in cash for completing every survey. Your trustscore will keep
increasing as you will keep completing surveys with them.
The trustscore of Paid Viewpoint’s member helps the company to identify which members of
the company are truly working, and also it helped eradicating people who might be trying to
complete as much surveys as they can in the least amount of time.
The time when you trustscore rises then you will get paid more for completing each survey as
compared to before.

6. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online is another online survey taking site which seeks for those survey takers who
are 13 years old or above. After getting yourself registered with Harris Poll Online platform,
you’ll be asked to take surveys on wide range of subjects.
For completing each survey you will earn points. The points you will earn for completing
different surveys can redeemed to get Amazon, Swagbucks or iTunes gift cards.
Also as a bonus you can also get merchandise with your points or you can use them
sweepstakes entries.

7. Toluna

Toluna is a platform which allows kids who are 13 years old or above than that to participate in
numerous surveys and polls. Being a Toluna member you will be asked sometimes to test
different products as well.
For completing each survey you will earn points in return. You’ll be able to redeem those points
for gift cards and many other rewards.
Being a Toluna members you’ll get daily sweepstakes giveaways as a bonus.

So guys this was the list of those 7 best survey sites which are safe & secure for kids to earn
some cash for their spending. Also we would love to hear from you guys so simply drop a
comment below and share your experiences with us and also let us know which one of the
above mentioned ways you have tried and how it did helped you out so don’t forget to drop a
comment below.
Good luck & have a nice day!

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