7 Delightful Ways to Get Cash

A report released this week shows that UK households are more concerned about their finances than ever before, despite the green shoots for recovery. So we’ve dug into our ‘Amazing Seven’ Ways for Everyone to Make Money Quickly.

1. Online Surveys – Provide your Feedback and Pay for It:

It brings in relatively small income, but it is the best way to make money quickly with less effort and convenience of your computer. Money Magpie readers include some of our favorite free sites, digital trends, life points and valuable comments as you suggest. Try to set up a separate email account first, so your personal one will not be flooded with survey-related emails, and remember that real online survey sites will never ask you to pay or disclose your card details. Always be safe online – Click here to learn more.

2. Choose the Best Matches:

Most of us never worry about matches because we think the chances of winning are very slim, but it is much higher than you think. A great place to start a website called Prime Gifts. Free to join, it has plenty of prizes to get for luxury vacations, distractions and shopping spree.

3. Claim your Free Money Magpie Newsletter and eBooks:

Subscribe to our Monetization Newsletter and we will send you internal tips and expert advice to help you make more money every Tuesday. There is a special bargain designed to save you money on every problem. You can download any of our eBooks for free!

4. Make Money as a Mysterious Shopkeeper:

By being a mystery shopper, you can earn money while eating out, shopping or going on vacation. Money Magpie founder Jasmine Brittles has been a mystery shopper for more than five years, making money and buying freebies on the left, right and center. Download your special eBook that contains step-by-step guide to becoming a mystery shopper and details of all the best mystery shoppers.

5. Earn Money as a Mother:

You can create hundreds by teaching maternity skills to new moms. She runs a course for moms who want to become British Doulas and earns $ 15 an hour as a postpartum doula. Birth Dallas earns about £ 400 a birth. Learn more about upcoming courses.

6. Free Money Training:

If you want to boost your income and spend your time doing the things you dream of, laptop lifestyle experts Greg and Fiona Scott can help. After creating their own successful online business, the teachers of living a Laptop Lifestyle now offer you free online training classes. This series is easy to follow and is designed to help you start thinking about making serious money online soon – even if you do not have a computer visa.


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