9 Best Methods to Get Free Cash

Do you need free money? Are you tired of your full-time job and need a break? There are many easy
ways to get money. You do not need to work hard all the time to earn money but sometimes you can
work smartly and get some free cash. If you are in debt and need some cash then you are on the right
page. Nowadays with the excess of internet and Smartphones it is very easy to earn some fast cash. It
brings a lot of new opportunities for people to earn some fast cash. So today I will tell you about some
easy methods to get free money. Let’s start from the 1st way,

1- Smart Panel

Smart Panel provides the easiest way to be get paid. All you have to do is to just install their app and you
will be get paid. Smart Panel is owned by a research firm named as Verto Analytics. To be get paid for
this app you will have to fill up a form so that the company could check whether you are eligible or not
for that and if you are eligible you can download their app. As this is an analytics company so they
maintain your cell phone usage record. They record this history for research purposes and it sells it
further to the companies and websites who want to improve their sites and apps on people feedbacks.
You will get £5 for each month on this app and £5 for joining this app. So make sure you get this free

2- Rakuten

Savings are the earnings you make. Savings make your life easy so you should always look for saving
money. Rakuten is a very famous app that provides you with countless savings opportunities. One of the
method to earn free cash is to get cashback on the shopping you do using Rakuten. While using Rakuten
you can do shopping on many famous retailers like Walmart, Groupon, Macy’s and many more. You will
earn a bonus of $10 when you will spend your first £25 on Rakuten and that is very easy because instead
of doing traditional shopping you can shop through the same store while using Rakuten app and earn
cashback. If you are a regular customer to these retailers then you could make a good deal while using
Rakuten as you can earn cashback up to 14%. There are many other in-app offers that you can activate
while you can also get digital coupons on Rakuten. So Rakuten brings in a lot of free money from the
place where you are already spending money.

3- Surveys

One of the easiest methods to earn free cash is to fill up an online survey form. You do not have to do
anything extraordinary here. The only thing you have to do to earn money is to provide your worthy
opinion on a number of different topics. If you waste your time on social media and post your opinions
for free then you are missing an earning opportunity because instead of that you could earn money by
giving your opinions on Survey Junkie. Survey Junkie is one of the most famous sites for online survey
forms and have a trust pilot rating of 4.5 out of 5. You could get many opportunities on Survey Junkie.

There are many other sites like Survey Junkie that you can use. You cannot make a living more these
sites but getting some cash while sitting in the bus or watching TV is always a blessing.

4-Get Paid For the Selfies You Take

Do you love to come in front of your camera all the time and take your own pictures? Do you have a
craze of taking selfies then why not you should earn from this also? There is a site that will pay your
uploading your selfies with the different products you use or the clothes you wear. This company is
called Pay your Selfie. Your pics will be used by the company for marketing campaigns. By these
pictures, it is easy for the manufacturing companies to understand who people use their products. For
the selfies, you will upload you will earn some pennies up to a dollar. This is one of the easiest ways to
earn money and you can ask for payout while you reach a limit that is $20. You can get your payment via

5- Renting Your Car

Having a car is itself an earning opportunity, you can earn by your car by many ways and one of them is
renting your car. Renting your car for a limited period of time will help you to get free money from your
and you can use it while you want. You do not have to get in to finding people to rent your car instead of
that you can use online companies that will do the work for you and take their cut. This type of renting
usually comes with a benefit that the company pays an insurance for your car and incase of damage to
your car they provide the full coverage till one million dollars. Getaround is one of these type of
companies that help the people to rent their car to people. You will be paid according to your car’s
model, your location or the time of the year. Usually the charge £5 for an hour to their customers and as
they charge a 40% fee so you can get the remaining 60% for free by just providing your car. You do not
have to worry about your car because Getaround make sure that the driver has a clean record. So this
could also be termed as free money as you do not have to do anything and you would get money

6- Plasma Donation

If you are a healthy person then you can earn by donating plasma. This could also be termed as free
money because your body reproduces the plasma every time you donate it. Plasma is a part of your
blood and you can donate it if you are healthy. You can earn $200 to $300 every month by donating
plasma and if you are healthy enough you can donate once or twice a week. So if you are not afraid of
the needles and blood this could bring you a handsome amount of money every month. You will have to
meet certain requirements to donate plasma and make sure to keep yourself hydrated when you donate

7- Sell Old Clothes

Do you have extra clothes in your home that you do not wear at all? Or do you have clothes that you
bought and did not wear and now they do not fit to you? Then why you are keeping these type of
clothes in your house. These clothes take a big space in your wardrobe so in order to clean your
wardrobe and make it simpler you should sell these clothes. You would be thinking where to sell your
clothes, don’t worry there are many places where you can sell. eBay, Thredup, Poshmark and many
other sites like that will help you sell your old clothes on their sites. This is a very easy method to sell old
clothes and will help you to de-clutter your wardrobe. So it is a free money that you are not getting and
now whenever you buy a new one make sure you get rid of the old one too.

8- Renting Your Home or Rooms

Do you have a free space at your home like a free room or a bed? If yes then why not earn from it. I am
not asking you to rent it for full time but there as an app named Airbnb that will help you to rent your
room to tourist and people who are visiting your place. Airbnb is a very famous app that is used by
people who want to avoid traditional hotels and motels because of their high charges. You can charge
according to the area you live in and the facilities you provide. This app helps tourist and visitors to get a
cheap place to live in while not disturbing their privacy. This is a very easy method to bring home a lot of
cash every month. Make sure your city rules allow you to rent your home before you start up.

9- Nielsen App

Nielsen app provides you the opportunity to earn money while doing nothing. You just have to
download their app and just do the things you do usually. This is an app that records people habits and
usage details for rating purposes. This is the company that had a big influence in ratings of shows and
now their app helps to determines videos popularity and websites ratings. This is one of the easiest
method as you just have to keep the app in your cell phone and you will earn $5 for every month. You
will get $5 as a joining bonus on this app. You can use this app in your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

So these were some of the best methods to earn some free cash. You do not have to do much in all the
cases and the earnings are legit. Take a start with the simple methods and make sure you use all the
methods to earn some free cash. Do comment in the comment section below and also share your
experience of getting free cash from these methods.
Have a good day!

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