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10 Things Which Should Always Be Free Of Cost

As we all know that we get used to doing everything in a certain way in our daily life routine. It
also includes paying for stuff we don’t necessarily need to. There is also a possibility of you
could be paying hundred of dollars a month for things you can get for free or don’t need at all.
Here is the list of some of those stuff, you can check out and see if there is anything in this list
you can cut out of your budget.

1. Credit Reports

Don’t be careless about it because the major credit reporting agencies in the U.S will try
and trick you to pay for credit report. Don’t pay for it! Because you are allowed to get a
free credit report from the three national credit reporting agencies every 12 months. If
you have a major credit card then chances are that you can get your credit report
through your online account login anytime you want to.

2. Banking

Most of the banks almost universally have fees for their saving and checking account
unless you meet certain requirements. Either you meet them or not, you should never
be paying fees for associated with having a bank account. In case if you do then find
yourself paying monthly maintenance fees, switch to a local bank or local credit union or
one of the many online banking options, like Aspiration.

3. Computer Programs

In concordance with your need it’s making less and less sense to pay for software
programs like Microsoft Office. Apps are almost at same caliber and are totally free even
if you do use your computer for business, Google document, spreadsheet or
presentation. It is also easier to collab on things and share documents online. There are
many standard programs which often have open source equivalents that are also
available for free of cost.

4. Cable TV

It is quite incredible that how high cost of cable tv still is given the multitude of content
and streaming online options. Traditional cable TV is on it way out to giving way to
streaming services like Hulu, Amazon and Netflix. When you can get a ton of high quality
content on Netflix just for $8 per month then why should you pay £85 per month for
traditional cable TV services. Amazon prime partners also get thousands of hours of
membership for free as a part of their membership!

5. Samples

Are you from the category of “try before you buy”? that’s okay but why should you pay
for samples when you can get tons of freebies. You can get tons of great freebies from
sites like Most of the time you don’t need to go to the stores to get your
free sample.

6. Birthday Food

Your friends and family are not the only one who gives you presents on your birthday,
there are many restaurants out there from where you can get bunch of free food as
well. You just simply need to check out the list of those restaurants who gives food for

7. Travel Insurance

Another insurance charge that you should never pay is Travel Insurance. Travel booking
sites like TripAdvisor, Expedia and pretty much all of the major airlines will recommend
you to insure your trip. The thing they don’t tell you is that there are very less examples
in which you will receive any benefit from that insurance.
Paying some extra cash for that insurance isn’t worth it.

8. Gym Initiation Fees

One of the biggest mysteries in life is Gym initiation fees. What’s the point of people
paying them? If you want to join a gym there are plenty of options to go to that don’t
have any sort of initiation fees. You can try and negotiate with the manager there if you
love the place. Probably they will be flexible and waive it, if not then most of the gyms
have sales frequently through out the year.

9. Kids Meal

Life is really much better as a kid. There are many places which will give you your kids
meal for free when you buy your own food there. It is great and delicious for you
because you never have to pay for your kids meal when you go out to eat.

10. Bottled Water

This one is an easy peasy. You know you don’t actually have to pay for the bottled water
because you can buy a cute and re-useable water bottle and start bringing it with you
whether in your car or on a walk. There are even collapsible ones that are more easy
and super portable to carry when empty.