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The Best Ways to Score Freebies Online

Everybody likes to get something for nothing. If you’re willing to put in a little bit of extra effort, you can get all kinds of items for free. From software to ebooks to free samples, you’ll be amazed by all the free items available.

One of the best sources of free items are online communities. Look for communities that are local to your area in which people give away items they no longer need. You’ll be able to find all sorts of items for absolutely nothing, from old furniture to appliances and other electronics.

“How to Save Money by Using Vouchers, Freebies & Discount Codes?” Source:

If you’re in need of something specific, you can make a post requesting it and see if anyone can help. Many people are more than happy to give items to members of their community, especially if they don’t need them anymore. It can be a positive experience for everyone involved.

Of course, you don’t need to be local to take advantage of free offers. You should also look for all the free samples that you can. Free samples will allow you to try all kinds of products, from toothpaste to perfume to various foods. Having all these samples on hand will really come in handy.

There are several good ways to get free samples. The first is to sign up for free sample communities. These communities collect various freebie offers and post them all in one easy place. You can go through their offerings every day and see what you might be interested in.

There are also sites that offer a freebie mailing list. You’ll get daily emails about special free offers, and will able to decide whether or not you’d like to take advantage of them. There are all kinds of offers available, and you’re sure to see some that you’ll love.

You can also get samples directly through companies. Many major companies have free samples for offer on their website. In addition, there are a number of companies that are more than happy to send samples on request. All you have to do is send an email asking for them.

There’s no reason not to take advantage of all the great free offers available online. When you take advantage of special offers, you’ll be able to spend less money while trying more products. It’s a win in every sense of the word. Taking the time to look for freebies is more than worthwhile.

Apps to Get discount on scanning Grocery Receipts

You cannot skip shopping specially grocery items, it is difficult to survive now without having items from the grocery stores. So why not we should save on them. The process to scan would only take your few seconds and you can get free gift cards and cash prizes on that. So saving money is now very easy, so why not we should take a start. In this article I will tell you about some of the websites on which you can scan your grocery receipts and get discounts, gift cards and cash prizes.


1- ReceiptPal

ReceiptPal is the most conventional app to scan grocery receipts online and earn. You can scan receipt of any store that you would make a purchase and you can even scan your non-grocery receipts on this website. Your bills of shopping of clothes, buying oil and gas and new cars and travelling will be accepted here but your monthly bills and online stores receipts are not accepted here. You can scan your receipts of last 30 days and after that they are not accepted. You will earn points for every scan you do. You will get 25 points per receipt and you can scan up to 12 receipts per week. When you reach a limited number of points you can then redeem your points in to free gift cards or cash prizes. You can also take part in the weekly sweepstake by ReceiptPal.


2- Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is an interesting app that lets you earn points on shopping from every retail store. If you are not buying grocery you can even get cash back and discounts. This site is specially for grocery shopping and you will get points every time you will scan your receipts. You can get points through multiple ways like you can do survey, get free spins and sweepstakes or you can earn extra points by completing challenges like uploading a number of receipts per month. When you will have 1000 points then you can redeem your points in to $5 PayPal cash payment, you can either redeem your points into Amazon gift cards and sweepstakes entries.


3- CoinOut

If you have watched the famous TV serial Shark tank then you should have heard this name CoinOut. CoinOut app only works when you shop on Walmart and Sam’s Club. This app does not work with other stores yet but you can avail discount on non-grocery items bought from eBay and and some other partners of CoinOut. You can also avail offers on some brands to increase your saving. You can get 1.8% cash back on every food item you purchase and for every other purchase you will get points. You can redeem your these points to free gift cards or Amazon gift vouchers whenever you want and when you have at least $10 in your account you can ask for PayPal payment.


4- Shopkick

To get discounts with shopkick you do not to buy all the time. To get free gift cards from shopkick you will have to download their app and register your account after that you will just have to walk in different stores and scan different products barcodes. Scanning these barcodes will earn you points, although buying will give you more points. You can also scan non-grocery items and you can also earn points by visiting online stores and watching sponsored videos. So this simple exercise can get you free gift cards that you can use. You can redeem your points if they reach a certain limit in to gift cards that you can use in restaurants and you favorite retail brands.


5- Fetch Rewards

If you eat items from a specific brand and you are brand conscious then you should try this app to scan your receipts. You would need to buy from that store that gives you a receipt that includes all the items you buy with details so that it could properly tell what you bought. You would get 10 points on every $1 you spent and you can also avails offers that are available for certain brands. You can redeem your these points in to free Visa gifts cards or retail gift cards. By joining with a referral you can earn 200 points. is the most famous and largest website to get discounts online. This website has changed people perspective of finding and using coupons. This website has digitalized the use of coupons and now you can use coupons on your online and offline purchases. This websites has gathered all the coupons around in one place so that a person can use it effectively. To get discount on your grocery receipts you will have to download their app and have to link your stores loyalty card with them and you can get discount at checkout and if your store do not have a loyalty card then you can scan your receipt and get discount. You will not have to get in to getting points and redeeming them instead of that you will get your payments directly in your PayPal account.


7- Ibotta

Ibotta is the most famous and most used app for getting discounts on shopping. It has many discount options including the ones in which we have to scan the receipts. You can get cashback on over 300 stores brands including the national and regional level stores. You can also get cash back and discounts on online shopping of grocery and non-grocery items. You can also special offers on buying some specific brands and redeeming your points in to special gift cards. To make an account you have to link your card or mobile number with them. Your cashback is deposited in your account after some hours of shopping and when you have $20 in your account you can redeem your points in to cash that you can get through PayPal or Venmo or you can get gift cards. For making your first purchase you can get $10 reward.


8- Rakuten

Rakuten is also a platform for online shopping that you can use to get cashback. You can either use their website or can download their app on your computer. You can get 1% to 40% on over two thousand plus retailers. There are a lot of online grocery stores on which you can use Rakuten. There is a browser extension of Rakuten that you can use to get amazing discounts and coupons before checkout. Rakuten tracks down your purchases and you do not have to scan the receipts here. You will get points for your shopping and once you have $5 in your account then you can get your cash through PayPal or direct checks.


9- Top cashback

If you are an online shopping person then this website can give you a lot of cashback. By buying food from Vitacost and boxed you can get discounts and cashbacks. You can also get cashbacks on other grocery purchases online. They have a lot of offers from national and international stores and brands when you are shopping with them. All you have to do is to go on the Top cashback website and search for your desired store when you want to shop and then the Top cashback website will redirect to the stores website and you can then avail offer and get discount. You can get discounts on over 3500 retailers. Once you complete your shopping the cashback will be deposited in your Top cashback account and then you can redeem your points in to gift cards, PayPal account and you can also get direct payments. You will also get bonus on the redemption of points.



Cellfire is anther digital coupons scanning app. To get discount on these app you will have to link your store loyalty card with this app. If you have multiple loyalty cards then this app can serve you in a lot of ways you can get discount on shopping by scanning receipt and you can apply digital coupons to your sale to increase your savings. You can also print coupons to use them in an old fashioned way.


11-Berry Cart

This is an app that pays you for buying healthy food items. You can avail discounts and offers by buying gluten free and organic foods. Unlike others you would have to go through offers online for a certain product and activate it then you can walk into any store to buy that product. After the product is bought you will have to scan the receipt from the Berry Cart app and after few hours you will get your cashback from PayPal or in the form of gift cards.


12- Basket

This app gives you offers in two different ways. Firstly if you want to get discounts on shopping items you can avail it through in app offers. Just by activating the offers in the app and doing the buying process you can get discount. Secondly this app has a unique option that before shopping you can make your wish list, after making your list this app will compare the rates of all available stores including the available offers for you. Thus you can avail the lowest price available.


So these were some app that can be used for saving through scanning grocery receipts. This scanning is a simple task that can help you to save much on your monthly budget. Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of savings from scanning your grocery receipt by any of these apps.

Save more from eBay and Craigslist

People around the world has chosen the internet for shopping because of the facility and savings that it provides. I am sure you would have heard of the sites eBay and Craigslist and used for shopping. In my pervious articles I have told you about using tools to get discounts on multiple stores like Amazon etc but there are some simple ways from which you can save from eBay and Craigslist. These two websites are in business from a very long time and are still providing the best offers and discounts to its user. In this article I will tell you about some easy tips that you can use to save from these websites.


In our life we have to buy things all the time whether it is food, grocery, furniture, electronics or any other item. Buying things is somehow compulsory but buying new things is not. Why should we pay for the whole price when we can get that item for a less amount? So Craigslist is the solution to your this problem. You can find every type of item you need. This website serves in many ways one is the buying and selling. It is a very safe and secure process and it would be best for you when you will need bulky items that Amazon and other online stores do not sell. You can even buy building material and furniture from craigslist. As it is a free website so that enables it to save a lot of money. There will be no buying and selling fee and all the process will be free. So saving is must here.


Talking about the credibility of craigslist, it is a very safe app but there are some incidents with the seller and buyer that you should be aware of. As you are going one on one with your buyer or seller and you do not know him well so you should take your own safety precautions. Meeting in a public place is obvious! You should pick a public place to meet your buyer or seller for your own personal security and the second thing is that you should contact with your buyer/seller on mobile phone to ensure a level of trust to develop between you and person you are contacting. If you are enable to sell a Car then you can sell any item without any fear.

I have used this site for trading so there are many tips that I want to share with you so that you could make a good deal at craigslist.

Know the Original price

If you want to make a good deal at Craigslist then the first thing you need to do is that you must know the original price of the item you are going to buy or you must look for the price of the item in the same condition from other sources. By this step you will be able to relate the price of the product you are going to buy and if the item you want to buy is on very high price then do not buy that just sit back and wait for another opportunity so that you could make a good deal. An additional tip for you is that never get frightened to ask for additional information and pictures, always ask for it and get your information up to the mark before you buy that item.

Try to Negotiate the Price

The second thing to be done for a good deal is that you must be aware of the fact the prices on Craigslist can be negotiated. If you go to a shopping store to buy an item you want you would have to pay the same because these stores does not show any negotiation for any of the costumers unless you have a coupon. But this is not the case with Craigslist, the prices on this site can be made a little up and down and you can ask for the seller for a little discount or negotiation so that you could get a good deal. Negotiation depends upon you that how much rate you can fluctuate by convincing the person. So test your skills in this regard too so that you could make a better deal.

Be Respectful

Showing some respect to the seller can make your place in his heart and you can make a good deal. While making a deal show some good respect and act professionally to the seller so that you can earn his respect. As by your graceful behavior you could ask him for negotiation and could get it easily.

Act fast

The last and the most important thing to make a good deal is to act fast and quickly while you are making a deal. Many a times you are looking for a good deal and you have to wait for it. Whenever a person post an item to sell that is reasonable for you do not get lazy because there are hundreds of buyers around that can steal your deal. So to get your best deal do not wait and make your decision and calculations quickly so that you could avail that for what you were waiting for.


eBay begin like an auction site and became popular due to this. But now this has not remained as simple as that and now you can buy anything you want on eBay now. Because of this success many retailers has used this website like a 3rd party marketplace. On eBay you can make some good deals by buying from the auctions and there are some buy it now deals too.

If you are looking for little things like a Printer ink or a cell phone or even a car tire you can find it on eBay and can buy it directly from the retailer. The product will be directly shipped to you and it will be a saving of many dollars for you. You could also find these same manufacturers on Amazon and WalMart too. Buying from sites like these has many advantages like you would be saving on free shipping and sales tax and for further savings you can use online tools that will give you cash backs and other free gift cards.

Now let me share you some of the tips that will help you to save money on eBay.

Know the Original Price

Before buying on eBay, you should check the price of the product on other websites because every item on eBay is not as cheap as most of them so to make a good deal make sure you do a bit of research.



Set a Limit to your Spending

Before buying in an auction make sure you are making a good deal by setting up a limit to your final price including the shipping price because most of the time the shipping price is not included in the auction price. So set a limit and add your shipping estimate in to because buying a product for less price could be a good deal but after including the shipping price it could become a worse deal so make sure you make your calculations right.

Make an offer to the seller

You cannot buy anything for free but for savings some dollars and making a good deal some of the sellers allow you to make an offer that how much you can pay to that. So you can make a good deal by offering a sensible amount to the seller.


These were some of tips you could use to make to some good deals that can save you a good amount of dollars. eBay and Craigslist are those sites on which you can buy anything you want so next time you buy a product make sure you compare the prices of both these sites with the other sites so that you could know how much you are saving on the product you are buying.

Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of saving on the products that you have bought in the past.

Places Where Kids Can Eat For Free

Who doesn’t love family meals? You are all together, you do better – you eat! Eating out can sometimes pull those purse strings a little harder… but you’re in luck! There are plenty of places in the UK that allow kids to eat for free or for a fraction of the price. Being a father of 2 young kids, it can be costly to go out to eat. I am working with Mega Free Stuff and we have came up with a list of where to eat for free and save money.

Here are some places where you can get a great food deal for your kids.


1. ASDA Café

Every week, Monday – Friday from 4pm, children under the age of 16 will eat for free while spending £ 4 in their cafe. Great stop when you take the kids home from school. There are also baby food bags and baby food preparation facilities for the very young.


2. Morrisons

MORRISONS are a free meal for the kids, with a menu of kitty favorites available for free from 3pm from Monday to Friday. All you have to do is spend £4.50 yourself and you will get baby snacks for free at MORRISONS. They will love everything from delicious pizza, sausage & Yorkshire pudding, fish fingers and so much more.


3. Beef Eater Grill Restaurant

Every day until 11am, if you buy a Premier’s breakfast (£ 9,950) from a Beefeater restaurant, up to two people under the age of 16 will eat for free. From the eggs they can choose the way they want, snacks, hash browns, sausage and beans, as well as fruit, grains, yogurt and fresh fruit juices. Delicious!


4. Brewer’s Fayre

Like the offer above, if you buy breakfast for kids (£9.50) at one of their restaurants, you will have free breakfast until 11.30am on any day of the week. Kids can get all of the regular breakfasts like bacon, eggs and freshly baked pastries. This is a fantastic offer and not using it will be in vain!


5. The Real Greek

As the name implies, Greek Restaurant offers free meals to families under the age of 12, your freebie will include a luxury ice cream/sorbet as well as free drinks when you spend £ 10 at their restaurant on Sundays. For this you can choose from chicken, lamb or beef meatballs, or a 3-piece kid mezze selection – this will definitely be a lovely for tasting!


6. Bella Italia

When purchasing every adult staple, a child can get free baby staple at Bella Italia. This includes Piccolo and Grande meals, so you’ll be lined up no matter what their appetite is. A fantastic offer at this firm family option.


7. Hungry Horse

For just 15, you can get their 8 mini burger bundle! This includes 8 burgers (4 beef, 2 chicken, and 2 fish), 20 onion rings, 4 mini corn on the cob, fries, baked beans and a great tasty dessert to share! On Saturdays and Sundays, you can also sign up for their Treat the Family deal with Pizza, Chicken and Pub FAVE at bargain prices.


8. Sizzling Pubs

For every adult main course purchased, one of your children can eat from just 3pm to 7pm on Monday – Friday for just £1. PHWOAR, this is a good deal. If your kids are a little older, you can get two main courses after 12 noon at £8.50 – Monday through Friday.

5 Different Ways To Save Money on Your Holidays

As we all know that almost everyone loves outing. No matter if its about going abroad in
search of some sunshine or booking a comfortable and relaxing break or about exploring
a new corner of the world. We are always good to go because it’s a great way to take
break for a week or two from your everyday routine.
But we all know that holidays can be a bit much pricey affair sometimes, especially
when we are heading forward with a family.
So to solve your problem and to make your holiday booking a bit much easier and less
expensive we came up with some of the best ways of saving money on holidays and we
are pretty much sure that by the help of these ways you guys can make your vacations
booking easily and less costly.

Dump Your Credit Card
To save money for your holidays having an airline credit card can be a great idea. You
will earn air miles by spending regularly. Which can also get you a heavy discounts on
flights, cheap upgrades or a freebie or two sometimes. But when it is about to actually
booking your holiday keep that credit card hidden somewhere in your purse. The reason
behind that is some companies might charge your up to an eye watering 2% of your
holiday booking amount just because you are booking with a credit card, which can
really add up if you are off on a long distance journey with a family of four.

Timing is Everything
Timing really matters when you are booking your holiday. For instance did you know
that Tuesday is the cheapest day to book your holiday? Insider experts say that Tuesday
is the day on which airlines operators release their last minute deals, which can mean a
great opportunity to save for yourself and your family.
Tuesday’s aren’t just cheapest days of a week to book holidays but they are also the
cheapest days to fly on, where you can. Instead of booking flights which leaves on Friday
and Saturday try booking the flights which leaves on Tuesday because the flight which
leaves on Friday and Saturday are expensive as compared to the flights which leaves on

Also make sure you fly in afternoon instead of flying in evenings and this way surely
you’ll save some more money.
You can book as much early as possible in advance if you know exactly where and when
you want to go. This can also save your money because rates are a bit less if you book
your flights in advance.
That’s not it,
If you book your flights in advance then you also might be able to take the advantage of
unique offers like free child places, means your kid can go with you wherever you go
without you paying any extra cost but these deals runs out very fast so you probably
need to grab them as soon as they’re launched.
If you’re a bit more relaxed about when and when to go so check out the last minute
deals on airline websites they are at incredibly low prices-the holidays will be cheaper as
the departure date is near because airlines are trying to get rid of extra seats.

Well this might be a bit more interesting to you because if you spend more on your
holiday through TopCashBack then they will reward you the same amount back to
spend on whatever you want to. Its such an easy way to save money on
accommodation, holidays, transport and extras you would already be buying at big-
name companies such as or by this way you will have some
extra money in your pocket and having extra money in your pocket means less stress
about refusing kids for having another ice-cream.
So spending through TopCashBack is a great idea to save for your holidays.

Utilize your points

Already have bunch of supermarket reward cards? Don’t let them just sit in your drawer
or any pocket of purse collecting dust. Turn all of your points which you’ve been
collecting since ages on your Tesco ClubCard or Nectar card into free money for your
holiday trips. You can redeem your points against flight purchases, hotel bookings. In
fact you can also use your points for paying for extras, such as annoyingly expensive
airport parking.

Also you can earn points on holiday purchases you make too, Later which you can use to
pay for food or shopping once you are back home.
Do Your Research Properly

When its about researching, a little much hard work can really pay you off. There are
lots of different ways and tips you can check to cut $100 off from your holiday price.
First of all take a look your holiday would be cheaper with the flights, meals and hotels
paid for separately or whether looking for an all-in-one package would be more cost
efficient. Keep in mind how much you think you’ll eat and drink and how much the
distance from airport to hotel would be, which are included in an all-in-one holiday
As these are mostly the things that can make your holiday price soar when booking it all
After that one of the most important steps is to make sure if there are any public
holidays in the destination you are going at the time you are willing to visit. Unless you
are specifically going to visit the public holiday or event we suggest you to avoid going at
that time because it will be quite more expensive to travel in those days and it will also
pretty much busy and crowded.
And surely you will save a lot of money if you don’t mind catching indirect flights or
using different airlines. It’s a little bit more complicated and much more time consuming
to research, so we simply use websites like Skyscanner and Skiplagged to do the hard
work for you. Just enter your perfect destinations and dates and it will show you all of
the cheapest flight options.

That’s it these are some of our best tips for you on how to save money on holidays!