Get £850 or more With Pick My Postcode

Did you know that anyone can join Pick My postcode for fully free and also can win the number of prizes and can get cash by just viewing their site.

All you need to do is to sign in with your email address. After signing in check out every day that whether there is an update or your postcode has been picked or any other information. Once your postcode has been picked then there is a great chance for you to claim your winnings. It is very honest and very easy. They usually add £800+ to the prize fund but at the writing time, the particular prize fund usually sites at £1900 because of the multiple rollover of their main draw. They are also giving away lots of smaller £5, £10, and a few £100 prizes for the smaller draws.

But it doesn’t end, you can also earn more from this site by following the below steps:

Did You Know about Pick My Passcode?

First, the Big My Postcode was set up by Chris Holbrook, who began offering people the chance to win just under $ 10 if they signed up for free on the site.

Every day they checked to see if their postal code had won. In fact, Money Make By knew about this site in its early stages and mentioned it here in our Contests article.

After a while, the site became very popular and started to get a little bigger until the prizes got up to £ 800 + a day.

Not only has Chris added more matches to the site since then.

Now you have six ways to beat the site:

1-The main competition – this is the main pot we described above. They will send you a daily email reminder to check the site, but you can unsubscribe at any time.

2-Survey Draw – This allows users to log in and answer a daily question. Upon completion the website will reveal the winning zip code.

3-Video Draw – Successful zip code allows you to watch videos (they are paid for advertising) because the screen flashes when you watch them. You should watch the full video to see if your zip code wins.

4-Free Emoji Lottery – With this contest, the user selects a combination of five emoji’s and goes to the site each day to see if they have selected your particular combination.

5-£5 Flash Draw – Flash 5 Flash Draw appears in advertising areas around the site. £5 will be sent via PayPal if you click on a particular image (showing which site it is on).

6-Stack pot – After the “next update” time, go to the Stockpot page and click on your zip code for post 10 (if you see it). Missed claims make the layer grow even more.

Ways by Which They Make Money:

The site pays for revenue prizes available from ads, offers and surveys.

It’s like a free local newspaper. It’s free for us because advertisers are the ones who fund the website and make a profit at the same time.

Like a free paper, the more people who read it, the more they can charge for advertising. It works by selecting my zip code. The more people who use the site, the more traffic and advertising and affiliate links can be charged. And they can give gifts!

Some Specific Rules:

They are very simple. You must register with your mailing code and email address. You should also check the site once a day to see if you have won.

If you win something, you will find a ‘collector’ option. Once your identity is verified, the money will be sent to you via PayPal.

What Can You Win With Pick My Postcode?

You can win almost everything with Pick My Postcode from few up to the thousands of things. The biggest prize won with Pick My Postcode is £2,500. So be wise and check the site daily so that you can win a lot of prizes on the daily bases.

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