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Crash cover is essential – the last thing you want on the weekends is to get stuck on the roadside with a car full of kids. If you are not careful, breaking up without insurance can be very costly and you will have a huge bill if you get stuck. We have found some cheap offers and some good priced policies with good cover, so now there is no reason not to get protection!

Is Breakdown Insurance Necessary?

There are many reasons for your vehicle to break down and such as a common flat battery, electrical fault, a punctured tire or engine problem – can usually be easily resolved on the roadside by service providers.

Most drivers who are happily covered will find themselves in trouble. If the problem is too great, for example, provide an automated rescue service that will deliver you, your car, and five passengers to your home or destination anywhere in the UK for £ 66 a year.

If you regularly travel by car, van or motorcycle, it is useful to have a policy with a reputable fracture recovery service. Make sure you shop to get the best value for money.

The Home Office legal fee for retrieving any vehicle from a public highway in the event of a breakdown or accident is வாகன 150 (plus £ 20 per day) in the UK, Wales and Scotland for a vehicle weighing less than 3.5 tons. This can be even more costly if you arrange for your own recovery.

Some Specific Types of Breakdown Cover

The first important decision to make is how much you are interested in saving money and how much risk you are willing to take. Fracture insurance is a way to reduce the risk of getting stuck when facing large recovery bills. The available comprehensive break card can be divided into two categories.

Traditional, automated, fully comprehensive policies – offering a large range of cover options.

Inexpensive, Payment and Claiming Policies – Pay on redemption, then claim in full.

Your own circumstances will help determine the type of cover that best suits your needs. This includes whether you would like to add additional features such as your and your car’s age, your annual mileage and repair card, nationwide recovery or European breakdown cover.

What is Covered?

Traditional motor clubs like AA and RAC offer automatic comprehensive breakdown card, but you have to decide if you need personal or vehicle protection. Do many people in your family drive the same car? Do you drive or ride as a passenger in different cars? Basic roadside assistance packages are generally based on one of the following types:


The personal card will protect you while driving any car and you can request redemption if you are a passenger in a broken car. It is best if you usually drive more than one car, but generally more expensive.

Vehicle card is a direct, low-cost service – but can affect the price of your car’s age and mileage. It can be useful if several members of the family use the same car.

Joint card for you and your partner – or your family if you live at the same address.

Keep An Eye on Cost Options

Cost options increase the size of your cover over a basic set, providing peace of mind and allowing you to design the policy you need. The number and type of options you choose will determine the price of your premium.

Roadside Assistance: Basic condition of 24/7 break card. A trained mechanic will aim to repair your car on the roadside or deliver you to an approved local garage if faults cannot be repaired.

Rescue: The rescue company will take your vehicle and passengers to your home or anywhere else in the UK.

Home start: This means you can get help at home or a quarter of a mile away.

Next trip: If you are away from home when you break up you are offered an alternative way to travel. You may be offered a replacement vehicle or accommodation for a limited time.

European Card: If you regularly go abroad, or plan to, European break cover is often cheaper when purchased as part of an existing policy. You usually receive a European card for 30 to 90 days – contact your policy provider to find out how long you are protected.

How to Know the Best Deals?

Knowing the best deals is essential. The table below compares all the prices of hassle-free automatic packages which are available online, based on vehicle cover only. Personal cover from these providers is generally 10% more expensive.


The Road side Assistance Only   UK Recovery      Home start        Combined UK Recovery & Home start

Onward Travel

Green Insurance             £17.80  n/a        n/a        £28.80  n/a

Green Flag         From £20            From £40            From £45            From £60              From £116 (European recovery)

ETA       £23.85 (when paying annually online with a direct debit, otherwise £33.85 )             £58.23 (£10 discount available when paying annually online by direct debit)    £56.75 (£10 discount available when paying annually online by direct debit)    £81.13 (£10 discount available when paying annually online by direct debit)    £59.72 (£10 discount when paying annually online by direct debit)

The AA £30        £71        £75        £89        £70

RAC       From £27.99      £96.99  (it is only available with recovery)           £119.99              £129.99

Auto national    £30        £48        £48        (their ‘Total Super Service’ includes all cover for £66 )  n/a

If you only want reassurance, covering a high annual mileage, the travel or commute far from home or to perhaps drive a car that is actually more than ten years old, then this type of cover will suit you better. There are so many policy options that’s why it’s quite straightforward to find the policy that’s actually right for you. Here are our top value picks:

The Best value ‘basic roadside assistance’ cover: by Green Insurance it costs just £18.20 when bought online. In this specific type you are actually limited to six call outs on annual bases but it’s still great value if your car is in good condition. Green Insurance also provide the cheapest UK recovery and home start packages at £28.80. Full European cover is available from £58.85. They usually claim to offset 100% of the emissions which are generated by their breakdown vehicles.

The Best value ‘fully inclusive’ cover: by Auto national includes a no-claims bonus offer, providing a 25% discount if you haven’t had a breakdown in the past year. The comprehensive package is also available online containing three months free cover. The cheapest fully inclusive package we could find.

Do you need a breakdown cover plan tailored to your needs? Rescue My Car basically offer a tailor made service which is actually dependent on your circumstances. Cover starts from as little as £17.90.

From Where You Can Have Cheapest Breakdown Cover?

If you buy your policy online, you will always get cheaper deals. Selling policies online is cheaper for companies and helps send some of the savings they make to customers.

Most companies offer online menus that calculate the premium for you. Take a closer look at the things that are covered. Wage and claim companies offer very cheap breakdown policies with different levels, but remember to look out for any hidden costs. For example:

Autoit offers a cheap personal home opening, recovery and travel policy for 38. A similar cover via AA and RAC can cost up to 100. However there is a catch, as local recovery providers are used so you have to pay in full at the time of recovery and then recoup the costs. Positive feedback indicates that the system is working, and it is an excellent money saver if you drive a reliable car for short distances. However if you do not like paperwork, stay away from these types of cards.

Start Rescue demands some cheap pay and extensive auto crash cover, all-star set package costs. 35.40. Suitable for many drivers going abroad, the four-star package includes a European card for 61.

Important Places to Get Breakdown Insurance

Most fracture recovery websites provide helpline phone numbers. Call them if the information on the screen is too confusing.

Dig into your car insurance policy and check for any breakdown cards included in your insurance premium, no need to pay twice for a breakdown card! You can also find favorable prices when buying a breakdown card through your insurers.

Also check your bank account. We saw Lloyds DSP issuing AA breakdown card on silver, gold, platinum and premium accounts. Also, Nortwest customers with selected Platinum accounts receive a breakdown card.

Tips To Follow

Check your own car insurance policy and bank accounts as you already have bankruptcy protection.

Get a quote before making a purchase online – there may be hidden costs.

Read and understand your policy. Look for limits on the number of callouts, hidden expenses, and overpayments.

Best deals are often aimed at new customers. If you find a cheap policy you like on a comparison site like Confusion, take your new quote to your insurer and ask them to beat it.

Check connections – Tesco vouchers will greatly reduce your RAC breakdown premium.

Avoid breaking down first by regularly servicing your car – prevention is better than cure!

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