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Are you a Harry Potter fan? Or are you just curious about the magical world of Harry Potter and want to experience some of the magic for yourself? Well, there’s no better way to do that then Harry Potter subscription boxes. Let’s discuss which subscription boxes you should try in the UK.

Harry Potter books, movies, games and all that have been a huge success but what’s the next trend? That’s right subscription boxes. What’s better then receiving an acceptance letter from Hogwarts? What’s more exciting than receiving your first wand? Or is more welcoming than Sweets from Diagon Alley or butterbear from Hogsmeade. Well, we can receive all that from subscription boxes.

After we have tested, compared and reviewed a lot of Harry Potter Subscription boxes we have made a list of what we consider the best.


GeekGear is a subscription box which is diverse in its contents and thus people of all tastes and ages can enjoy. Wizardly, Classic, Wizardly Special Edition and Wearable are some of the most popular choices for the British HP fans.

The subscription plans start at £14.99.



LootCrate basis it’s boxes on monthly themes. Their plans start at £39 and work on a bimonthly basis.

You can get various exciting goods like horcruxes, pins, wands and house merchandise in the boxes. The items received from LootCrate items are officially certified from Harry Potter franchise.


Fandom of the Month

This isn’t your traditional monthly subscription box. Every month is a different fandom that makes the content of the boxes. The items are mostly jewelry based on the fandom of the month,


The Accio Box

At the minimal priced plans, you are now able to summon your personalized Harry Potter merchandise. You get to choose your own house and you will receive items which can be wearables to body cares items to collectibles.


Salty & Lit

Another popular option you can consider for a fun filled HP experience is Salty and Lit subscription boxes. This is a side branch of CrateJoy. This is basically based on scented candles which are inspired from a story of Harry Potter. People like to keep the candle containers as a collection.


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