Here’s Where To Get Free Stuff For Your Kids

There’s nothing like raising kids. However, they can be expensive and this is why many parents wonder if there’s anything they can do to save cash, and possibly get some free stuff UK for their kids. The good news is there are a number of things you can do. If you want to find out more, then continue to read on.

Watching Free Disney Movies
You can signup when the Sky Store has a promotion going on, and then you can receive a free DVD. Best of all, you don’t have to buy their services. Simply log in or signup and then follow the steps so you can claim your DVD. The Sky Store has a large selection of kids films, including many traditional Disney films.

Now TV often runs promotions for free movie passes too. Simply use their exclusive codes and you’re good to go. Furthermore, British Gas sometimes run giveaways from Sky Movie, and the last time they did this they gave over 100,000 free passes to view Beauty & The Beast. It’s a good idea to check out those brands from time to time because you never know when they will give something you can watch for free.

Free Kids’ Sports Stuff
Sporting equipment can be expensive, but the good news is there are a number of competitions and schemes that you can keep an eye out for. One of them is Sports4Schools, which offers free sporting equipment up to %uFFFD500 of value, and the equipment goes to your child’s school. Another one is Tennis For Kids, which offers thousands of free tennis rackets, as well as lessons.

Many competitions take place during the Spring holidays and the Summer holidays. This is because brands know sportswear is highly sought after during this period of time. Make sure you keep your eye out as the holidays near.

Stationery & Crafts
Many kids loves stationery and crafts. Being creative is fun. However, it can be quite expensive and things can add up fast.

Thankfully, we have seen many stuff for kids that they will enjoy. So, what are the best stationery and crafts freebies? There are a lot. These include:

1. Blue Planet Poster- Your kids probably love Blue Planet. If they do, then get them a free poster of this show. It’s both educational and it’s fun.

2. Paperchase Workshops- Workshops hosted by paperchase are great because they allow your kids to unleash their creativity. Paperchase is known for providing free workshops during the school holidays. As soon as you notice there is a workshop in your area, then make sure you bring your kids to it. They will love it.

3. Toucan Boxes- These subscriptions are packed with crafts that your kids are sent each month. Signing up is fast and easy. Get your first Toucan Box for free by signing up today.

Become A Product Tester
Many companies want the opinions and they bring aboard product testers to get those opinions. Before new products hit the market, companies like to have them tested out. Your kids will love having the chance to play with a new toy that hasn’t even hit the market yet. A good place to start is Argos and various toy stores.

Lego Mini-Builds
LEGO stores usually hosts free events for kids between six and 14, and this event is called mini-model build. It allows kids to build a mini model and then they can bring it home with them. Every single month there’s a new event held and this will improve your kids’ skills and they’ll have the chance to mix and mingle with other kids who love LEGO products. Spaces do fill up quickly, so sign up and register for the event as soon as possible.

Free LEGO Magazine
Your kid can get a free LEGO Magazine that is packed with games, puzzles and much more. You have to register and then wait until you get the magazine in the post. Not only that, but if you signup via their website, you’ll receive four more free magazines, which means your child will have five free magazines of stuff that will keep your kid entertained a very longtime.

LEGO Passport
Attending in-store events and completing tasks allows your kid to get their own LEGO passport and collect stamps. Do you want to find out more? If so, then go to the closest LEGO store in the area. They will provide you with more info.

Birthday Freebies
Your kids’ birthdays are special. You want to do what you can to make their birthday that much more special. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a bunch of money because you have a number of ways to do things for free.

For starters, you can get a free card from LEGO. On that note, LEGO gives away some free treats. Your child will love the free treat and card they receive.

Also, you can have them get mentioned on CBeebies and ask for a £5 voucher from a well-known toys store, Toys R Us. Other stuff includes contacting Playmobil and seeing if you can receive a free badge. Your child will love all of those things.

Disney Junior can mention your child. Best of all, this is completely free. Make your child’s birthday more special by getting them a mention on DJ.

We have put together a massive list of freebies your kids will love to get on their birthday. Check our list out. You will surely find something.

Do you want freebies for your kids because we already know the answer. Of course you do and this is why you should look more into the above. Good luck and have fun shopping around for freebies.

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