Places Where Kids Can Eat For Free

Who doesn’t love family meals? You are all together, you do better – you eat! Eating out can sometimes pull those purse strings a little harder… but you’re in luck! There are plenty of places in the UK that allow kids to eat for free or for a fraction of the price. Being a father of 2 young kids, it can be costly to go out to eat. I am working with Mega Free Stuff and we have came up with a list of where to eat for free and save money.

Here are some places where you can get a great food deal for your kids.


1. ASDA Café

Every week, Monday – Friday from 4pm, children under the age of 16 will eat for free while spending £ 4 in their cafe. Great stop when you take the kids home from school. There are also baby food bags and baby food preparation facilities for the very young.


2. Morrisons

MORRISONS are a free meal for the kids, with a menu of kitty favorites available for free from 3pm from Monday to Friday. All you have to do is spend £4.50 yourself and you will get baby snacks for free at MORRISONS. They will love everything from delicious pizza, sausage & Yorkshire pudding, fish fingers and so much more.


3. Beef Eater Grill Restaurant

Every day until 11am, if you buy a Premier’s breakfast (£ 9,950) from a Beefeater restaurant, up to two people under the age of 16 will eat for free. From the eggs they can choose the way they want, snacks, hash browns, sausage and beans, as well as fruit, grains, yogurt and fresh fruit juices. Delicious!


4. Brewer’s Fayre

Like the offer above, if you buy breakfast for kids (£9.50) at one of their restaurants, you will have free breakfast until 11.30am on any day of the week. Kids can get all of the regular breakfasts like bacon, eggs and freshly baked pastries. This is a fantastic offer and not using it will be in vain!


5. The Real Greek

As the name implies, Greek Restaurant offers free meals to families under the age of 12, your freebie will include a luxury ice cream/sorbet as well as free drinks when you spend £ 10 at their restaurant on Sundays. For this you can choose from chicken, lamb or beef meatballs, or a 3-piece kid mezze selection – this will definitely be a lovely for tasting!


6. Bella Italia

When purchasing every adult staple, a child can get free baby staple at Bella Italia. This includes Piccolo and Grande meals, so you’ll be lined up no matter what their appetite is. A fantastic offer at this firm family option.


7. Hungry Horse

For just 15, you can get their 8 mini burger bundle! This includes 8 burgers (4 beef, 2 chicken, and 2 fish), 20 onion rings, 4 mini corn on the cob, fries, baked beans and a great tasty dessert to share! On Saturdays and Sundays, you can also sign up for their Treat the Family deal with Pizza, Chicken and Pub FAVE at bargain prices.


8. Sizzling Pubs

For every adult main course purchased, one of your children can eat from just 3pm to 7pm on Monday – Friday for just £1. PHWOAR, this is a good deal. If your kids are a little older, you can get two main courses after 12 noon at £8.50 – Monday through Friday.

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